The Rose Douglas Grant

Rose Douglas was a career educator who had an intellectually disabled son. During the time her son was of school age, services for children with intellectual disabilities were very limited. Rose became a champion of the intellectually disabled and worked with other community leaders to create SPARC. When Rose, and subsequently her son, passed away, she left a trust to the Four Way Foundation to support organizations that provide programs and services to better and enrich the lives of intellectually disabled individuals.

Greenleaf Industries

Greenleaf Industries

The intended beneficiaries of the Rose Douglas Trust are those organizations who provide benefits to residents of Josephine County who have an “intellectual disability” as defined as follows: significantly sub-average general intellectual functioning defined as intelligence quotients (IQs) under 70 as measured by a qualified professional and existing concurrently with significant impairment in adaptive behavior that are manifested during the developmental period, prior to 18 years of age. Individuals of borderline intelligence, IQs 70-75, may be considered to have intellectual disability if there is also significant impairment of adaptive behavior as diagnosed and measured by a qualified professional.

The Four Way Foundation encourages organizations whose mission only partially includes providing services to those with an intellectual disability to apply for a Rose Douglas grant, so long as any funding provided from the Rose Douglas Trust is used primarily for benefits to those with an intellectual disability.

In the event a potentially qualifying organization does not have the benefit of actual testing to determine whether its clientele meets the definition of intellectual disability, the Four Way Foundation will in its discretion consider what other evidence the organization might submit, on an ad hoc basis, and make a determination whether the organization otherwise likely meets the objectives of the Rose Douglas Trust.

The Four Way Foundation will require those organizations who choose to submit a grant application to demonstrate why they meet the qualifications for a grant from Rose Douglas Trust funds and how their project will better the lives of the intended intellectually disabled beneficiaries.