Students in their senior year at Grants Pass High, Hidden Valley High, Illinois Valley High, North Valley High and Rogue River High schools are encouraged to contact their school’s scholarship committee regarding the application process for the scholarships funded through our foundation.

In the spring of 2016, Four Way Foundation changed a part of its scholarship program administration process for awarding college level scholarships to local high school students within Josephine and western Jackson Counties. We entered into an agreement with the Josephine County Educational Fund (JCEF), whose primary purpose serves local students preparing for college level education. Under the new arrangement, they will process all student scholarship applications in cooperation with the respective school administrators in District 7, Three Rivers and the Rogue River High School District.

We will continue to fund five $500 awards though our Myrt Trickey Fund, and two $1,000 awards though our Helen Betancourt Fund, both of which are donor endowed scholarship funds managed by us. The Myrt Trickey Fund is available to students of Grants Pass High, Hidden Valley High, Illinois Valley High, North Valley and Rogue River High.  The Betancourt Fund is available only to students; one male and one female, from Illinois Valley High School.

In addition to the scholarships mentioned above, Four Way will continue to separately administer the Anne Basker Fund, which is designated for students at St. Anne School. We will also administer the Venters Fund for the benefit of students designated by 1st Christian Church of Grants Pass.

Donors wishing to establish a scholarship fund are encouraged to contact Kate Dwyer, Executive Director of Four Way Community Foundation.