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The Four Way Community Foundation administers two grant programs, Community Grants, and Rose Douglas Grants. There is one grant application process per year. All grant requests must have the grant application cover page and must comply with the grant request guidelines, which are available on this website. The process is open to non-profits in Josephine and western Jackson counties. A preliminary phone call is strongly encouraged.

  • Applications for the Rose Douglas grant program are accepted starting January 1 and close March 1.
  • Applications for Community Grants open February 1 and close April 1.
  • Applicants are notified by mid-to late May regarding their grant application and checks are distributed in late May or early June.
Blue Slide Project

Blue Slide Project

Submitted grant applications are reviewed by staff and distributed among the 12-member Four Way Community Foundation Board of Directors. To learn more about each project, board members usually visit the non-profits submitting a grant. Board members then present the grant request to the entire board for further review. When all grant requests have been presented, the entire board makes a final determination of grant awards.

Tree trimming, Kerbyville Museum

Tree trimming, Kerbyville Museum

Approved grant projects should be completed and a grant report submitted by either April 1 or June 1 of the following year. If the project cannot be completed by June 1, grant monies may need to be returned. Extension requests must be received by June 1, and will granted when projects are quite near to completion or are delayed by circumstances beyond the grantee’s control. Grants are NOT INTENDED to be ongoing. Plan to complete your project within one year!

Organizations with an incomplete project under extension will not be considered for funding in the next year. Completion reports must be filed by April 1 to qualify for the next immediate grant cycle.