Executive Director Transition

After three years of serving as Executive Director for the Foundation, Walt Slater stepped down from the position on August 15, 2018. A relocation to be closer to family on the east coast necessitated his decision, making the transition bittersweet for both Walt and his wife Pam.

About his 16 years as a Grants Pass resident, he said, “Pam and I have been blessed with our experiences through Rotary, jobs and friendships developed over that time. It’s with mixed feelings that we leave the area. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have served the Foundation these past three years.” Of course, the Foundation, our president and board members wish him all the best going forward.

Walt left very large shoes to fill, and just as we were sorry to say goodbye, we were happy to announce that the board Kate Dwyer named by our board as the Foundation’s new Executive Director. To this position, Kate brings an energetic approach to outreach and a strong background in building robust partnerships and innovative programs.

Kate is also the Community Development Coordinator for the Illinois Valley Community Development Organization and the Chair of the Three Rivers School Board. Additionally, she serves on the boards of the Takilma Community Association and UCAN.

An Illinois Valley resident for 25 years, Kate previously operated Kate Dwyer Catering. Her husband Mark Dwyer owns and operates Country Plumbing, and the couple have two sons: Liam, a student at Columbia University; and Owen, a rising senior at Illinois Valley High School.

Kate stepped down from her position on the Four Way Board of Directors to assume her new role. She has already expressed her enthusiasm saying, “Four Way makes possible a diverse array of local service projects by leveraging the philanthropic vision of residents of Josephine and western Jackson Counties. Through the generosity of the donors and the prudent work of the board, perennial improvements grow. I am pleased to have the opportunity to guide that process.”