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The Four Way Community Foundation considers every contribution, donation or bequest, to be vital to the continued growth and success of the Foundation’s mission. The strength of the Four Way Community Foundation comes from the support of many individuals who believe in the value of a local Community Foundation supporting the work of local nonprofits. Each gift, no matter its size, is a commitment to the future and the ongoing improvement of our shared home.

Ways to Contribute

There are multiple ways to become part of the “Four Way Family”. Examples include:

Early Head Start gardening at Rusk Ranch

Early Head Start gardening at Rusk Ranch

  • Gifts of Cash/Donations: A donation may be made at any time by mailing a check to the Four Way Community Foundation, PO Box 652, Grants Pass, OR 97528, or by PayPal. The donation is fully tax deductible up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income with a five-year carryover for any excess. All unspecified donations go into the general fund to support the annual grant and scholarship process. Donations can also be accepted by any Board member or the Executive Director.
  • Gifts of Securities and Real Estate: Long-term appreciated securities and real estate can be an excellent way to support your community through Four Way. Gifts of appreciated securities or real estate often allow you to make a substantial contribution while receiving valuable income tax advantages. Generally, a donor may deduct the fair market value of the gift up to 30 percent of their adjusted gross income with a five-year carryover for any excess. Most important, the capital gain from the donated asset passes tax-free to the Foundation. Contact the Four Way Community Foundation for more information.
  • Pass-Through Donations: One-time gifts of cash or appreciated securities may be given to any nonprofit organization through the Four Way Community Foundation for a small handling fee. Donors may prefer to be anonymous, and this option provides that privacy. Also, many nonprofits don’t have access to investment services for easily accepting securities. The Four Way Community Foundation can provide that convenience.
  • Specified Multi-Year Gifts: In a windfall year, a donor may wish to realize the maximum tax benefit in one year while spreading out a gift over the next few years. The Four Way Community Foundation can accept a larger sum and provide it to a specified nonprofit over a stated period of years. This option often protects small nonprofits from the burden of managing a large gift all at once. It also confers the maximum tax benefit to the donor. This option is very much like a donor advised fund, except that the Four Way Community Foundation requires the recipient(s) to be clearly designated at the time of the initial gift.

Planned Giving

Technology at Josephine County Library

Technology at Josephine Community Library

Continue your local impact by making a gift that will endure. The Executive Director or any Board Member of the Four Way Community Foundation will be very happy to meet with you and your financial advisor to discuss the details of the gift you would like to give. The Four Way Community Foundation can provide sample gift giving language that you and your advisor or attorney may customize for your specific needs. Gifts may take any of these forms, or others:

  • Simple Bequests: These are made through a donor’s will or living trust and are easy to establish and revocable. Assets that are willed to the Foundation reduce a taxable estate by the amount bequested. Donors can state their bequest as a set amount of cash, securities or other assets or as the “residue” or a “percentage of the residue” of the estate. Donors may leave charitable bequests as unrestricted contributions, which will be used by the Foundation to support the annual grant process, or a donor may designate a specific local nonprofit as the annual beneficiary of the proceeds from their gift. Contact the Foundation for more information.


  • Life Insurance/IRA Beneficiaries: In larger estates, retirement fund assets distributed to family members may be subject to double taxation, first through the donor’s estate tax, and then through the beneficiaries’ income tax. IRA accounts listing Four Way as the beneficiary are free of estate and income taxes. Not only can Four Way be named as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, but a donor may also transfer the policy irrevocably to the Foundation and claim an income tax deduction for the policy’s cost basis or cash surrender value (whichever is less). Any subsequent premium payments will be tax deductible. Contact the Foundation for more information.

Barnstormers box office access ramp

  • Restricted Funds: For this fund, the donor has specifically designated either a use (field of interest) or a recipient (one or more specific local nonprofits.) The principal of the fund may be protected, with only investment proceeds supporting the beneficiary, or it may be set to defray over time.
  • Unrestricted Funds: For this fund, the donor permits the Board to use the proceeds of the fund, or its principal over time, for the benefit of our community through a competitive grant process, or as a Board-directed response to a significant local need. These may also be either principal-protected or set to spend down over a set number of years.
  • Managed Funds: These funds belong to another nonprofit organization but are managed by the Four Way Community Foundation in order to gain the advantage of professional investment services. Several local groups have enjoyed significant growth of their investments by utilizing this option. Contact us to discuss establishing a fund managed by the Four Way Community Foundation.