Our Investments

The Foundation’s funds are managed professionally by Ferguson Wellman in a diversified portfolio, balancing growth with long-term security. All donations are considered endowment contributions and are invested unless received with specific instructions to the contrary. The investment and administrative costs are less than 2 percent of the total endowment annually.

Siskiyou Field Institute Challenge Course

Siskiyou Field Institute Challenge Course

Ferguson Wellman has returned the following for the Four Way Community Foundation since beginning services in 1996 with net funds provided of $1,621,668 (original deposits plus contributions and minus withdrawals).

Time Weighted Total Returns (annualized) as of December 31, 2017:

  • One Year = 13.59%
  • Three Years = 5.85%
  • Five Years = 8.02%
  • Ten Years = 5.93%

The current market value of Four Way’s portfolio as of December 31, 2017 is $7,209,621 which indicates net investment gains of $5,587,953. The total return from inception (21 years) is 384.15% with a compounded annual return of 7.61%.