2008 – Alvin Spears

Louis F. Schultz Distinguished Service Award

Alvin Spears

Alvin Spears has been a member of the Asante Governing Board since its beginning. He was one of the leaders who advocated building the new hospital facility, and to emphasize the point he offered the Spears Family Challenge to the community. His family contributed extensively to the campaign, challenging the community to collectively match the gift. Alvin is still on the Governing Board. Alvin has a passion for helping youth oriented activities. He is well known for his years of service and leadership to the Boy Scouts. Besides working directly with the scouts, behind the scene he has been a long-standing member of the board and contributed substantially to the rebuilding of McCaleb Ranch Boy Scout Camp in the Illinois Valley after it was damaged during the Biscuit Fire. He is also one of the leaders for the Youth Volunteer Program at Three Rivers Community Hospital and he is very active on the Academic Masters board. For a soft-spoken man his commitment to community speaks very loudly indeed. Board member Midge Renton says, “I can think of many times when a community organization needed help and Al Spears was quietly there to step up.”

Selected Non-Profit: Crater Lake Council of Boy Scouts for McCaleb Ranch