Meadow Martell

Four Way Community Foundation Board Member
Dates of service: 2019-current

Meadow Martell has lived in Cave Junction and the Illinois Valley for over 26 years. She brings more than 45 years of professional experience working in a wide range of health care settings including non-profits, state agencies and as an independent consultant.

In addition to a busy professional career, Meadow is an advocate for the community wherever she lives. She has served on numerous non-profit boards and advisory councils including the Illinois Valley Community Development Organization, the Deer Creek Center and Siskiyou Field Institute, the AllCare Community Advisory Council, the Illinois Valley Resource Center and various Neighborhood Associations. Currently, Meadow is serving a term as the Mayor of the City of Cave Junction.

Her personal interests include hanging out in nature, managing the seven acres where she lives, cooking, baking and feeding people, gardening, and spending time with her three granddaughters whenever she can,

“Participating in my community and developing partnerships, has always been an important value to me. Kindness, cooperation and welcoming diversity will get us a lot closer to making our community a place where we are proud to live. The Four Way Foundation is a great example of an organization making a local difference.”